The Stephen Zuellig Graduate School of Development Management (SZSDM) welcomed the newest batch of students for the 2024 Executive Master in Disaster Risk and Crisis Management (EMDRCM) program at a convocation held on September 26, 2022 via Zoom.  

Present at the event were Associate Dean Michelle Antero, PhD, SZSDM School Head Olivier Roche, PhD, EMDRCM Academic Program Director Eula Villar, PhD, and several members of the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) community. Gracing the event was the keynote speaker, Department of Education – Disaster Risk Reduction Management Service Director Ronilda Co. Ms. Co shared her thoughts with the cohort, saying, “Disaster Risk and Crisis Management develops individuals and societies to take a holistic approach to the challenges that calamities and mitigation measures present by being more integral, equitable, just, and resilient while building towards sustainable development.” Director Co encouraged the students to be ready to learn and unlearn the things they know to develop a risk-informed lens. In closing, she applauded the incoming cohort for having the courage to embark on this journey thereby expanding their horizons and broadening their experience. 

Following Ms. Co’s speech, EMDRCM 2023’s Class Representative Karen Lapitan concluded the session with a succinct message for the new batch of students. As a member of the graduating class, Lapitan shared that the most valuable lesson their cohort encountered is that of intellectual humility; that drawing upon the knowledge and experience of others, especially those who have gone before you, provides the foundation for examination and issue resolution. She further stressed the importance of being open to new ideas, and that the lessons and knowledge gained from the program will be invaluable to one’s profession and community. 

The program ended with the recitation of the DRCM Champions Creed led by Anna Liza Gaspar of EMDRCM 2023 and Eunice Babalcon who represented the class of EMDRCM 2024. 

Once again, welcome EMDRCM 2024… EMDRCM Lead Forth.