Master in Development Management (MDM)

  • MDM is an impact leadership program, where students go through a learning journey and skills development.
  • 12 months full-time degree program that is divided into four academic terms and is designed to be work-friendly.
  • Features a hybrid learning setup.

The MDM program aims to develop graduates who will become:

  1. Leaders who have a critical understanding of the theories behind the practice of development management;
  2. Leaders who can co-create scalable solutions to complex development problems;
  3. Leaders who demonstrate interpersonal aptitude, cognitive flexibility, and creativity to manage volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous development environment; and,
  4. Leaders for impact in and through policy implementation, social entrepreneurship, or impact-first investing.




MDM Redesigned: Response to need and changing horizon of development management

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the world had been at a crossroads. The social and political system that had lifted millions out of poverty and shaped our national and global policies for half a century was failing. The middle class that was to dominate the countries and the global economy was shrinking. The benefits from the economic expansion were accruing to the rich, and the gap between the top income quartile and the rest of the population was dramatically widening, worsening pre-existing social divides across developed and developing countries.

The problem of unsustainable, non-inclusive development – compounded by the threats of the Fourth Industrial Revolution – is untenable. It calls for a fundamental rethinking in how we educate ourselves and our future leaders to lead in a world we have never seen before. This became the spark for the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) to reflect and take stock on its 32-year-old program in development: Master in Development Management Program (MDM).

MDM’s new design shall develop LEADERS WHO CAN SCALE SOCIAL IMPACT through social entrepreneurship, transformative policy implementation, and impact-first investing. Now more than ever, the MDM graduate can lead in the emerging “new normal”—able to demonstrate the interpersonal aptitude, creativity, and cognitive flexibility necessary to co-create scalable solutions to achieve the global priorities identified in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Student and Alumni Insights

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Student Insights Field Review Exercise
Field Review Exercise
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MDM Key Dates