It was my dream and aspiration to pursue a master’s degree. I was driven by a passion to work in the development sector. I needed to equip myself with the adequate knowledge and skills to enable me to achieve my dream. Fortunately, with support from Asian Institute of Management, I was granted an ADB scholarship.

I never dreamt that I would be able to pursue my master’s degree at one of the top management institutions in Asia. At AIM, everything was new for me: the classroom arrangement, my classmates from different countries with diverse backgrounds and belief systems, the teaching-learning process, and apart from the traditional way of teaching, there were tailored programs on offer.

On-campus resources were rich and intact for teaching and learning. Facilities required for learning were available round-the-clock. There was freedom to choose and learn anything of our own will and interest. The physical environment and psycho-social ambience were excellent. AIM took great care to deliver quality education and provide students with a unique learning experience. The faculty members had expertise in various disciplines and had rich experience. It was indeed a great opportunity for the learners to interact face to face with faculty of such a high caliber. Learning was infinite. The case study method of teaching meant that students were drilled in depth, and we learned about economics, politics, history, leadership, management, geography, finance, health, and the impact of these within the development sector, the communities we serve, the environment, and vice-versa.

For me, there is no better program than the Master in Development Management (MDM) at AIM. The MDM became an eye-opener for my career and my future. The program was diverse and gave me an opportunity to learn from a range of topics pertaining to development issues, opportunities, and challenges. It also prepared me to become a better problem solver in the community.

MDM gave me the right knowledge and skills to deal with complex problems in this VUCA world. In a way, it changed my perspective about the things happening in and around me. I can now see and understand problems from different perspectives. Now, I can see that for every problem, there exists an opportunity.

MDM taught me to center my thoughts and actions on people, planet, and prosperity. Today, I stand as one of the development managers ready to shoulder any kind of responsibility that will make my community, country, and the world a better place. I accept that such work demands some personal sacrifice. Nevertheless, with MDM under my belt, I am confident that I can make a difference in the community. My MDM degree has empowered me beyond my expectations.