The Executive Master in Disaster Risk and Crisis Management (EMDRCM) addresses the urgent need to develop disaster managers capable of leading the frontlines during disaster and crisis situations, and of acting as integrators who not only know what to do, but also how and with whom to collaborate. EMDRCM graduates are expected to master the tools and systems used in addressing coordination and implementation issues often encountered in disaster and crisis situations.

EMDRCM brings disaster and crisis issues to the fore. By dissecting disaster and crisis cases, accounts and insights from experts and practitioners, and varying perspectives including from fellow EMDRCM students, participants get to have a better glimpse of the disaster environment and operating context, the policies in place, and the necessary actions to secure more resilient Asian societies in today’s volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) world.


  • DRCM Frameworks, Policies and Systems
  • Analysis of the Disaster Environment, Systems, and Networks for DRCM leaders
  • Disaster Risk Governance and Management
  • Applying Systems and Design Thinking to DRCM
  • Leading Social and Behavior Change in DRCM
  • Fundamentals of Finance for DRC Managers
  • Applying the Principles of Economics in Managing Disasters and Crises
  • Data, Information, and Knowledge Management for DRCM Leaders
  • Program and Project Development and Management for DRC Managers


  • Science and Technology in DRCM
  • Ethical Leadership and Social Responsibility in DRCM
  • Strategies for Organizational Resilience; Business Continuity; and Operations Management for DRC Managers
  • Empowering and Enabling DRCM Teams and Talents through Bridging Leadership
  • Disaster Resilience through Effective Marketing
  • The Economics of Disaster
  • Disaster Risk Financing and Insurance
  • Data Visualization and Storytelling for DRC Managers
  • Program and Project Development and Management for DRC Managers


  • DRCM and the Sustainable Development Agenda
  • Collaborative Disaster Risk & Crisis Management and Governance
  • Mastering Negotiations for DRC Managers
  • Navigating the Regulatory Environment for Disaster Resilience
  • Advocacy Leadership and Networking Strategies for DRC Managers
  • Managing the Unexpected through Crisis Leadership, Empowerment, and Effective Risk Communication
  • Sustainable Finance for Disaster Risk and Crisis Managers
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management for DRC Managers
  • Program and Project Development and Management for DRC Managers

The Asian Institute of Management is constantly innovating its programs to adapt to the needs of the times. Note that the above term schedule and list of courses may be subject to change.